Bedroom Wardrobe – Functional and Stylish

Wardrobes make great decorative bedroom furnishings but are often overlooked in the process of decorating bedrooms. If you’re interested in getting the most from your bedroom furnishings, it is important to first think about how you want to use them. This will be an important factor when choosing your interior design theme, since the wardrobe you choose may very well dictate other elements of the room. For example, if you find that you generally like to hang clothes, then your choice of bedroom furniture may be restricted by the space available. In order to make sure that you have plenty of space to dress, make sure that you have a good looking wardrobe.

Here, the ultimate bedroom wardrobe to aid you store your clothes. For an elegant stylish wardrobe to fit into contemporary decor, consider the sleek Merriton Armoire. This wardrobe is approximately 56 inches wide, 24 inches deep, and has two sliding doors, one on each side. The lower half of the wardrobe, from the door on the left, contains nine hanging drawers, while the upper half, from the door on the right, has four drawers. These drawers can be placed to any position you choose, allowing you plenty of storage space for all of your clothes. The Armoire has side and front zippered doors, which also provide the benefit of allowing you to reach in and out of the drawers, which makes it very convenient to store your shoes or other items.

If you’re interested in increasing your wardrobe’s functionality, then the Fitted Wardrobe from Crate and Barrel will work perfectly for you. This two-piece wardrobe consists of a fitted bottom panel and a top panel that attaches to the wall behind the fitted panel. These pieces snap together, providing you with an extra piece of furniture for your small bedroom. When not in use, the fitted wardrobe slides to the back of the wall, leaving ample room in the center of your room. It’s perfect for use as an end table, buffet, end table lights, or even an extra night stand if you need extra seating space in your small bedroom.

A great bedroom wardrobe with ample storage is created by utilizing fine bedroom wardrobe hardware. While metal and plastic are definitely nice and can certainly look beautiful, nothing beats the classy look of wooden hardware. Choosing a wood piece such as the Beargund Sliding Door Wardrobe Stands is a great way to add a beautiful wardrobe with plenty of space. These wood pieces come in a variety of designs, from rustic barn layouts to classical shabby chic styles, and they also provide plenty of extra storage space.

The last bedroom wardrobe we’re going to discuss is the Beargund Vinyl Letter Sconces. These are perfect for a bedroom wardrobe, offering ample storage and a modern design. They also have ample space for hanging shirts and pants while having the modern sleek appearance of the letter S. Another great point about this piece of furniture is that it comes in various colors, allowing you to coordinate it with the rest of your decor.

No matter which style or design you choose for your bedroom wardrobe, there are many companies that make these pieces of furniture. Some are well known and others are relatively new, but all can provide you with high quality, high-quality wooden wardrobes. There are many different types and styles of wood to choose from, so you should have no problem finding one to match your personal taste. In addition, most companies offer free shipping to their customers, so you won’t have any problems purchasing your Beargund wardrobe. Just make sure you know your measurements before ordering, because these pieces come in all sizes.